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The module pages contain information and research tools on mobile protein domains, developed, collected and maintained by the Bork group and various collaborators

SMART, a simple modular architecture research tool

for details see:
Schultz,J., Milpetz,F., Bork,P. & Ponting,C.P. (1998).
SMART, a simple modular architecture research tool: Identification of signaling domains. PNAS, 95, 5857-5864,       Abstract,       Full Text,       PDF Download

Alerting system for extracellular modules

You can subscribe to a domain and will get weekly reports on homologs of  this domain that have been newly entered into sequence databases

1D and 3D Cartoons of modular extracellular proteins 

with a Nomenclature as used in the SWISS-PROT and PROSITE databases and presented in Bork, P. & Bairoch, A. (1995) TIBS 20(3), poster C02 "Extracellular protein modules: A proposed nomenclature"

1D and 3D Cartoons of modular intracellular proteins

For example, ca 90 signalling domains have been annotated in the  entire yeast genome  For a review on non-catalytic signalling domains see Ponting, C.P., Schultz, J. and Bork, P. (1997) TIBS 22 (8) poster C04 "The signalling domain repertoire"

Further helpful tools are our WU-blast2 server  with an ortholog identification postprocessing and our sequence alerting system

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